Y3S2- Zawaadi

Project Info

Client B Abdulali

Project Description

Zawaadi is an online gift shop and printers based in Ruislip, London. Because it was a new set up online, my job was to create the branding materials such as logo, banner designs as well as social media account setups and design.

The logo design was inspired by Modern/Vintage/Retro design with a hint of African inspiration. The colour palette was chosen after doing a lot of research into colour theory and what colours stand for.

The screenshots below show the design on the banner and logo designs.


After finishing the branding side for the company, I offered to make their website. The website was made on WordPress because it is a online shop which included payments and the feature to be able to choose and purchase. WordPress gives the opportunity to make a online shop easier. My first idea was to code the website but I had very little to none experience working with code. I decided that I would research into WordPress security and trends of website design to make the website experience more better.

The development and research can be seen in my NLT2 sketchbook
The website can be viewed at www.zawaadi.com