Y3S1- Nada Building Materials LLC

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Nada Building Materials LLC

This company was a brand new company in the market. The first thing that needed to be made waunknown-13s a logo. My client specifically asked for somthing basic because this logo was going to be printed on products such as gloves and helmets. I started to come up with initial ideas and sketches for their logo design
When I was trying to make the logo for Nada Building Materials, I tried to incorporate differnt types of tools that they would be dealing with on a everyday basis. Tools such as screw drivers, hand tools, tool box, spanners, etc. When I dicuseed this with my client he was happy that I was experimenting but again told me I needed to keep it simple due to the printing process. I decided to then choose different fonts that I could present for them to choose.







On the left are the fonts that I had presented to my client. My client finalised the 4th font in the list. This font he described as powerful and bold. After making the fonts we discussed colour, what colour he would like his brand to be. My clients two favourite colours were yellow and blue. I decided to make the logo in this colour only.



My client was exeptionaly happy with this logo.

Next step.

Nada BM needed marketting tools, One of the most directive marketting tools are business cards. I decided to research into the what the main trends are at this time of the year December 2016. I learnt that fuzzy or embossed logos will stand out tremendously more than basic standard printing business cards. Similarly adding holographic or shiny techniques over your logo gives your company the futuristic look. Another way to make your business card stand it is making your card interactive, By adding neat effects it’s simple to create interactive business cards which capture the imagination.

Because Nada building materials LLC is a company dealing with hardware, painting materials, safety items power tools it is not the industry that needs to have blingy business cards. I came up with these designs for the business card and decided to get straight on to illustrator. My client had given me a list of products that needed to be included in this business card too.

Below is the final design for the business card.

nadabusinesscard-01 nadabusinesscard-02

After making the business cards I was asked to design a loyalty card and voucher to go with the loyalty card.
Below is Nada Loyalty card front and back.

nada-loyalty-card-front   nada-loyalty-card

With the loyalty card is the 100AED voucher front and back.


nadaloyaltybackNext step:

The next step for Nada building materials is to finish their company profile.


Thank you for reading!