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Workshops for this module will build on the animation skills acquired in DM2108 by introducing video concepts and extending the theories of stills manipulation to the moving image. Students will work towards producing a piece of product led motion graphic design incorporating the workflows of typography and digital compositing.
Students are free to determine the product in question but should be aware there is a focus on semiotics and creativity. As such the design portfolio should show a development of concepts throughout the production phase (i.e. storyboarding) and the output should feature predominantly original design assets. Whilst augmentation of existing assets is allowed a simple re-edit of commercially published videos (for example a conventional trailer) is not acceptable.
The first thing I thought about was to create a mind map of artists, charities, themes, and how I would present my ideas.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 12.21.07

Then I created a rough list of problems that occur to me and my friends. Labelled them in an order which I would want to present them. My aim for the animation was 1-2 minutes long. I decided to cut down the list of problems to a few that would be realistic for me to animate and create along side my other university work. I then created a storyboard for my motion graphic so I could visualise how I will be making my motion graphic.

The final idea I had for my Motion graphic was about First World Problems. This is targeted at teens/young adults ages 14-25. Some words included in the animation for example ‘Legit’ & “CBA” (Cant be asked) are used amongst the targeted market. I did some research into the culture today and what problems people have on a daily basis. I used memes on popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to help me make the list of problems.


I looked into charities that provide to less fortunate countries. Some of the charities include Water Aid, Rainbow Africa, and Unicef. I then looked into their existing marketing strategies and what promotional images/videos they have already. I found one animation that is shown in Australia:

All of the assets were made in Adobe Illustrator and the motion graphics was created in After Effects. The illustrated items are below. I made sure that the designs where in the same type of style which is falt design.